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Fat Burning Foods

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The food that we put into our bodies determine how we look and feel, today’s society is being consumed by the fast food industry and all for the sake of convenience. This alone plays a huge role in today’s increase in obesity and health problems. You are exactly what you eat, if you eat lots of junk food then you will look and feel that way. Fat loss is such a huge concern today that people are trying numerous diets, … Read More

Does Weight Training Make Women Bulky?

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Most women out there don’t like weight training or choose not to get involved in weight training for the fear of getting bulky. Is this true? I am here to tell you that it is not true. Women are influenced a lot by the media and seeing these huge body’s on women in some of the fitness magazines and bodybuilding shows has created a fear of getting big and bulky. I want to put this myth to rest once and … Read More

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