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What Effect Does Alcohol Have On The Human Body?

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Small amounts of alcohol may have some benefits but large amounts or the abuse of alcohol will be detrimental to your health and physique. Now when I say small amounts I mean 1 glass per day, ( example a glass of wine or a glass of whisky) this has been proven to increase HDL (good cholesterol) in the body. This excludes the soft drinks or sweetened drinks that are sometimes added to alcohol.  In my opinion the benefits are so … Read More

Will the Winter Weather Have A Negative or Positive Effect on Your Weight?

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Cold temperatures during winter can have both a negative and a positive effect on your weight. It is about how you take advantage of the benefits of these conditions. Some may enjoy burning fat during winter, and some may find it easier to burn fat during summer but I personally think that it’s just a matter of preference. One can burn fat at the same rate throughout the year; you just have to know how to manipulate the conditions.   … Read More

Good Fats vs Bad Fats

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Fats are considered bad and unhealthy but are all fats really bad? There are 2 different types of fats, SATURATED FATS and UNSATURATED FATS. Saturated fats are your bad fats and should be avoided at all cost. These fats are harmful and can lead to very high cholesterol levels and obesity. A simple test can help you distinguish whether the fats that you are consuming are saturated (bad fats) or not, all u have to do is leave the fat … Read More

How To Boost Your Metabolism

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What is the definition of metabolism? “The chemical processes occurring within our bodies that are necessary for the maintenance of life”. Energy is required for these chemical processes to occur and where does this energy come from? This energy comes from the carbohydrates that we consume which is converted into glucose (blood sugar) and body fat; the human body can also convert protein into energy. Having a fast metabolism means that more energy is going to be used therefore boosting … Read More

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