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The 2 Energy Pathways & How it Relates to Exercise

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  As we have learnt in a previous post that energy is created by calories being burnt. Now what do we need energy for? We require energy for everything we do from exercise to our daily activities including breathing, eating, digestion of food and every other bodily function.   Let’s look at exercise for example; where do we get the energy to perform this task? We get the energy from the food that we eat which is converted into glucose … Read More

Is Exercise Necessary for Fat Loss?

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This post is really a follow up on my previous post where I emphasize on the importance of exercise. If you require quick, permanent results in terms of fat loss and all the health benefits that come with exercise then exercise is necessary. In my opinion exercise is not just necessary; it is vital and should be a must in everyone’s life. You will eventually hit a plateau if you try to diet the fat of with no exercise and … Read More

Why Should We Not Focus On Eating Alone To Burn Body Fat?

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Although what we eat, how we eat it and when we eat is of vital importance, this alone is not sufficient for fast effective and permanent fat loss. As I mentioned in a previous post the only way to burn body fat is if you are in a calorie deficit and by focusing on eating alone you are bound to hit a plateau which will force you to lower your calories further. Dropping your calories too low will have a … Read More

Is It Ok To Have A Cheat Day When On A Calorie Restricted Diet?

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Can cheating on your diet help you lose weight? There have been many controversies around a cheat meal or a cheat day. A cheat meal is generally a meal that you would not eat when on a diet, a meal that would make you feel guilty. I personally together would many other professionals out there know that cheat meals or a cheat day does have benefits and can boost fat loss. Cheat days also helps make dieting more bearable; imagine … Read More

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