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Why do so many people (especially females) focus more on weight loss instead of fat loss? Everybody wants to lose weight which makes the scale a huge defining factor of success. This is where a lot of people lose sight of their health and physical appearance and focus their attention more on scale weight. Weight loss comes in 2 forms: Healthy weight loss (Fat loss) This is achieved with reducing weight by losing only stored body fat. This form of … Read More


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FAT BURNERS/METABOLISM ENHANCERS Many people misunderstand what a fat burner does. To many people think it’s that miracle pill that they have been searching for that will melt fat easily without effort, exercise or a proper eating plan. Unfortunately your diet or proper eating plan is 80% of your battle. However a fat burner (which is a natural supplement and not a drug) together with a proper eating plan and training program will greatly enhance the fat burning process. Fat … Read More

What Effect Does Alcohol Have On The Human Body?

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Although what we eat, how we eat it and when we eat is of vital importance, this alone is not sufficient for fast effective and permanent fat loss. As I mentioned in a previous post the only way to burn body fat is if you are in a calorie deficit and by focusing on eating alone you are bound to hit a plateau which will force you to lower your calories further. Dropping your calories too low will have a … Read More

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