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Why do so many people (especially females) focus more on weight loss instead of fat loss?


Everybody wants to lose weight which makes the scale a huge defining factor of success. This is where a lot of people lose sight of their health and physical appearance and focus their attention more on scale weight.

Weight loss comes in 2 forms:


  1. Healthy weight loss (Fat loss)


This is achieved with reducing weight by losing only stored body fat. This form of weight loss however can have a minimal effect on scale weight.


In some cases if done the right/healthy way the scale weight does not change or it increases which is not a bad thing.


As long as the body fat weight has been reduced, you will start to notice changes in your physical appearance and health. This should be the main reason why anyone should get started with a weight loss (Fat loss) program.


If you are a very obese individual then you will see a lot of weight loss on the scale but you need to be very weary of what you are losing.


Have your body fat tested regularly to make sure you are losing body fat and not healthy essential weight like water or muscle.


  1. Unhealthy weight loss (Weight Loss)


This is achieved by focusing on losing as much scale weight as possible. This could mean muscle loss, water loss and fat loss which is achieved by following a very low calorie diet.


This form of dieting can be hugely detrimental to your health and not to mention virtually impossible to sustain.


Focussing on scale weight alone should NOT be a main concern.


Health, Fitness level and Physical appearance (which is best achieved by reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass) should be your main focus.


Rapid weight loss on the scale is like deflating a car tyre or soccer ball, it gets smaller and loses its SHAPE (In human’s we call this a skinny fat person) but the main disadvantage is that it has no value and use anymore.


If we continue doing this to our bodies it will eventually have the same effect. You will have a body that will be totally useless.


Muscle weighs around 5 times as much as fat  which means if you lose a lot of muscle you will drop a lot on the scale but that would not change your shape much.


We should be focussing more on the way look and feel, the scale weight is not as important as the fat we lose and the muscle we gain. Nobody really sees your scale other than you.


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