Although what we eat, how we eat it and when we eat is of vital importance, this alone is not sufficient for fast effective and permanent fat loss. As I mentioned in a previous post the only way to burn body fat is if you are in a calorie deficit and by focusing on eating alone you are bound to hit a plateau which will force you to lower your calories further. Dropping your calories too low will have a very negative effect on your body; it will lower your metabolism, deplete your muscle and destroy cells in your body.

There is another way to create a bigger calorie deficit without dropping your calorie consumption any further. Let me use an example of an average female who requires 2000 calories per day for maintenance (Calories required to maintain current weight) and she drops her calorie consumption to 1500 calories per day, this gives her a calorie deficit of 500 calories but she wants to create a bigger calorie deficit to break the plateau. The other way to create a bigger calorie deficit without lowering calorie consumption is to burn more calories. How does she do this? She does this by increasing her activity for the day (exercise). This average female now introduces exercise to her program which now increases her maintenance calorie consumption from 2000 calories per day to 2300 calories per day, her calorie deficit now moves from 400 calories to 700 calories per day, which helps her break the plateau.

The introduction of exercise to a fat loss program helps burn body fat effectively and breaking a plateau without the negatives of dropping calories to low. Apart from fat loss, exercise has numerous other health benefits.

Introducing Aerobic exercise (Cardio) together with Anaerobic exercise (weight training) will be a huge boost to weight loss.

The best and most effective way to burn body fat and keep it off is to focus on all 3 areas; Eating, Aerobic exercise (Cardio) and Anaerobic Exercise (weight training).


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