Is Exercise Necessary for Fat Loss?

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This post is really a follow up on my previous post where I emphasize on the importance of exercise.


If you require quick, permanent results in terms of fat loss and all the health benefits that come with exercise then exercise is necessary. In my opinion exercise is not just necessary; it is vital and should be a must in everyone’s life. You will eventually hit a plateau if you try to diet the fat of with no exercise and this will force you to cut more calories (reduce food intake). A large reduction in calories will send your body into starvation mode which slows your metabolism down to cater for the minimal food intake and you will find yourself hitting another plateau, not to mention the cravings you will have which will force you to binge and eventually come of the diet.


Now that you are of the diet and lost  a few pounds, keeping that weight of is going to be impossible because you now have a slower metabolism than before and putting that weight back on and more is going to be a whole lot easier.  This is the reason why people go on and off these kind of fat loss programs which is also known as the YOYO diet.


The best way to lose fat is to burn it off and not starve it off. By introducing exercise into your program you can achieve fast and permanent fat loss results. Exercise should become a part of your lifestyle and should be performed even when not on a fat loss program. Apart from having numerous health benefits, exercise is also known for extending one’s lifespan.


Aerobic (cardiovascular) exercise requires energy and this energy comes primarily from stored body fat. Aerobic exercise also strengthens the heart and increases the lung capacity thus alleviating numerous health problems


Anaerobic (weight) exercise also plays an important role in Fat loss. Weight training helps you put on muscle and the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism is. Muscle is your body’s metabolic furnace; it requires energy all day long even while you sleeping, thus burning more calories and promoting fat loss. Having strong healthy muscles also puts less stress on joints and bones thus reducing the risk of joint injury and bone disease (osteoporosis).


The combination of a proper eating plan, aerobic exercise and weight training will boost fat loss tremendously and keep it off, Alleviate numerous health problems and prolong life.


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