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Most people out there go through life not knowing what foods are good for them and how to eat them. When they decide that their bodies have had enough of junk food (this generally happens when their clothes don’t fit them anymore or when one of the dreaded disease’s strike), they say to themselves that it is now time to go on a diet and become rabbits, they live of salads, some may try an all fruit diet. This type of dieting is not going to help in any way, it may look like it works but it just makes things worst. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that salads and fruits are bad; I am just saying that it is not the only thing you should be eating.

This type of eating lacks PROTEIN (steak, chicken, fish etc.) and STARCHY CARBOHYDRATES (Potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat bread etc) which are essential in every meal unless one is on a fat loss diet where he/she will have to cut out the starchy carbohydrates in the late afternoon and night meals and replace it with more FIBEROUS CARBOHYDRATES (vegetables) if necessary. Everybody should be eating a balance of protein and carbohydrates at every meal.

Protein is the building block in our body, it is what muscle tissue and cells are made of, it is essential for building a strong immune system and stabilizing insulin levels in our body.

Carbohydrates is the primary source of energy in our body’s , carbohydrates is broken down to form glucose (blood sugar) which is then transported by insulin from the blood stream to areas of the body where energy is needed e.g. the muscle. Vegetables are starchy carbohydrates which improves digestion and boosts the metabolism, it is also very low on calories and I guess that’s the reason why most people live of vegetables when going on a diet but this form of eating does not supply the body with enough energy that is required for the day and it also lacks the essential proteins.

Another substance that is essential which most people take for granted is WATER; every physiological process in our body depends on water. Water is also responsible for temperature regulation in our bodies so drink enough water.

HIPPOCRATES the founding father of modern medicine said “let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food”. 


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