What Effect Does Alcohol Have On The Human Body?

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Small amounts of alcohol may have some benefits but large amounts or the abuse of alcohol will be detrimental to your health and physique. Now when I say small amounts I mean 1 glass per day, ( example a glass of wine or a glass of whisky) this has been proven to increase HDL (good cholesterol) in the body. This excludes the soft drinks or sweetened drinks that are sometimes added to alcohol.  In my opinion the benefits are so minimal that it is not worth the risk


If you are serious about losing weight and getting into shape then I would suggest not consuming any alcohol at all. Alcohol has 7calories per gram which makes it the second highest, second to fat which has 9 calories per gram. If you are on a calorie restricted diet then alcohol is just going to be extra calories that your body does not need, these are wasted calories and have no benefit.


Alcohol reduces the body’s ability to burn fat, the liver is responsible for metabolizing alcohol and fat, and alcohol prevents the liver from metabolizing fat, that’s because alcohol takes priority over fat. Alcohol is a toxin (poison) and it has to be detoxified by the body. Consuming alcohol has other risks like; damaged muscle cells, various heart and circulatory problems, effects the nervous system and brain, less efficient healing of injuries, it’s a diuretic which leads to dehydration, Numerous sexual dysfunctions like; loss of libido, reduced sperm formation, menstrual irregularities, and shrinkage of sexual organs. Alcohol also reduces the absorption of many vitamins like vitamin B which could lead to you becoming anemic. 


The next time you consider consuming alcohol, take a look at some of the risks and ask yourself;  is this what I really need and want for my body? It is not going to be easy for some to stay away from alcohol; you need to create a new addiction, the addiction of having perfect health and physique.


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