Will the Winter Weather Have A Negative or Positive Effect on Your Weight?

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Cold temperatures during winter can have both a negative and a positive effect on your weight. It is about how you take advantage of the benefits of these conditions. Some may enjoy burning fat during winter, and some may find it easier to burn fat during summer but I personally think that it’s just a matter of preference. One can burn fat at the same rate throughout the year; you just have to know how to manipulate the conditions.


The summer season has a psychological benefit to weight loss, it is the season for sun and fun and people want to look good for beach and outdoor functions and events, you also wear less clothing which is all the more reason to get more active and watch what you eat.


Most people find it more difficult to lose weight in winter due to the cold temperatures which force’s people to sleep in late, eat more and become less active. They also tend to worry less about how they look in winter because they are less exposed. One also has to remember that our bodies create more heat in winter for warmth and this heat comes from the calories burnt from the food that we eat, that is one of the reasons why we tend to eat more in winter. You can use this little bit of information to your advantage. If you can maintain your healthy eating and activity levels (including training) in winter this could boost your weight loss.


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